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We believe that experience AND education are equally important. Every program is held to our “EXCEED THE STANDARD” motto.

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send us your name and email to get the free plan. change your life with military fitness programs.

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$ 49 per month
  • Receive an individually-tailored, fully assembled fitness plan designed to help you reach your specific goals. Every program will include assessment, day-by-day programming, and inclusive guidance to how the program should be conducted to maximize potential for desired results.


$ 149 per month
  • Receive completely personalized day-by-day training delivered to you on your mobile device using the TrueCoach app. This programming is fluid, and is adjustable based on your performance and life-circumstances. You also have access to YOUR COACH during the your entire subscription, however long you choose to receive your training. Receive a minimum of 2x consults per month to ensure maximization of progress!


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Sean C.

My schedule changes often do to my work so finding workout routines that I can actually accomplish and gain results has always been an issue. Gritty Soldier took the time to figure out a routine that worked. I know the owner he’s extremely dedicated. Always recommend.

Jason M.

Getting ready for selection, I wasn't really sure what I should do. Following your plan was perfect, I was more than ready when I got there (and got selected)!

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