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frequently asked questions and answers

A: Every program is delivered in PDF format as an available download immediately after purchase. The programs are formatted to be available for use on your computer or mobile device for easy reference.

A: Each fitness program is different, so you will need to be sure to reference the program’s product page information in order to determine what equipment will be required to successfully accomplish each respective program.

A: Our main target audience are those serving or planning to serve in the military, but we absolutely encourage EVERYONE to build their fitness experience and increase the fitness level! If there is a program on Gritty Soldier Fitness that you would like to follow, we say you should do it!

A: Simply put, each and every fitness program available on has been constructed by certified fitness professionals who have attended the training that each respective program is meant to prepare you for. Our philosophy when building these fitness programs is to ensue that each and every program is “tested, tried, and true,” meaning we KNOW they are effective because they have been used and proven to work through individual success.

A: We offer two options in regard to personalized coaching provided by certified personal trainers. 1) a personalized, “pre-built” based on your own unique goals/considerations program delivered to you in full, 2) remote personal fitness coaching with access to your own personal trainer and continuous day-by-day instruction delivered to you via the TrueCoach app. To receive either of these specialized services check out out Personalized Training page.

A: Please reference the information on earning the Gritty Tab here.

A: Once the program is purchased it instantly becomes available to you. Due to the program being digitally delivered to you in full in this way, we cannot offer refunds or return on these programs, as they can easily be copied. You can read more about our return/refund policy here.

A: You can contact us through any other our social media link, or by email at

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